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With six Mr. Olympia title victories, Dorian Yates has dominated bodybuilding in the 90’s in the manner that Arnold Schwarzenegger dominated in the 70’s and Lee Haney in the 80’s. Furthermore he has dominated the sport in a white-hot period of competition when standards have never been higher. He has brought a scientific and precise planning approach to bodybuilding that revolutionized the sport. * The life and training philosophy of the Worlds Best Bodybuilder. The ultimate bodybuilding guide from the ultimate bodybuilder.

This contains the original 64 minutes, BLOOD & GUTS DVD. Witness the intensity and determination as we follow the near 300lb multi Mr. Olympia winner DORIAN YATES through a genuine ‘no holds barred’ hardcore workout. See the weights used and feel the supreme effort that has moulded Dorian Yates into the world’s most massive bodybuilder.

* Packed with training advice and methods.


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