Dorian Yates Shadow Warrior DVD


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BodyBuilding Hall of Famer Dorian Yates “The Shadow” revolutionised the world of bodybuilding with his unbeatable combination of muscle thickness, separation, and symmetry—dominating the Mr. Olympia competition for 6 long years. Never claiming any form of genetic superiority, Dorian’s success was attributed to his lethal mix of grit, determination, and never-say-die work ethic.

In this feature-length documentary, get a rare glimpse into the life of this reclusive World Champion as Dorian speaks openly about his humble beginnings and tumultuous rise to the pinnacle of professional bodybuilding—and how giving up in the face of career ending injuries was never an option. Dorian shares little known aspects about his career as he takes us behind the scenes at Temple Gym, on a guided tour of what has become an iconic landmark for bodybuilders and fans around the world.

Be a fly-on-the-wall as The Shadow trains some of the world’s top bodybuilders sharing with them the brutal high intensity work-outs, unique approaches, and philosophies for training and nutrition that have established him as a legend in bodybuilding history.


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