Glauce (AKA. Gal) Ferreira Yates, is a professional fitness model and an icon in her own right. Through her journey, she’s sculpted one of the greatest female physiques in the world. But she only started competing as a figure athlete by chance.

Biography: The Early Years – Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Gal always had a passion for fitness growing up. She took part in numerous activities such as Ballet, Gymnastics, and Aerobics and naturally developed an aesthetic physique from an early age.   She made the decision to further her knowledge in fitness by studying Physical Education and Sports Science at College. However, she had no intention of becoming a fitness model or competitor at this point.

Start of a Fitness Journey: At the end of 2006, Gal went on holiday in her home country. While lying on the beach, she was approached by a fitness coach who noticed her potential to succeed in the industry.   After a lot of encouragement from the coach, she decided to begin training and compete as a figure athlete. At the age of 32, Gal had embarked on her fitness journey.

First Competition: For the next year, Gal trained rigorously in the gym to attain a physique capable of placing in a fitness show. By the middle of 2007, she’d reached her goal. She stepped on stage at her debut contest – the 2007 Figure Brazilian show. Impressively, she walked away with the trophy. This is what motivated her to pursue a career in fitness.

World Champion: Gal wasted no time in gaining more experience as a figure athlete. She entered her second show a few months later – the South American Championship. Gal managed to replicate her success, placing 1st and qualifying for the World Championships. At this point, Gal started to focus on becoming a world champion. It wasn’t long until she’d reached another milestone. Riding high from her victories, she took home the trophy from the 2007 IFBB World Bodyfitness Championship. However, along with her win, Gal had realized her dream of becoming a professional figure athlete.

Marrying a Bodybuilding Legend: After earning her Pro Card, things moved very quickly for Gal. She was invited to numerous fitness exhibitions around the world, but it was a trip to America that changed her life. In 2008, Gal flew to Ohio, US, to compete in the Arnold Classic alongside many other professionals. It was here that Gal was introduced to 6x Mr. Olympia winner, Dorian Yates. For the next seven months, the two kept in touch and eventually, Gal traveled to England to see Dorian again. The two fitness enthusiasts quickly fell in love, and by 2010, they were married.

Becoming an Icon: Through her marriage with Dorian, Gal had huge exposure in the bodybuilding community. It wasn’t long until she became admired around the world for her great physique. After competing further in two shows – the 2012 Nordic Pro and 2012 Olympia – Gal had gained a mass of followers on social media, inspiring others to start their journey in the industry. By 2016, at the age of 41, Gal had become a fitness icon.

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2012 Olympia, 16th place
2012 Nordic Pro, 1st Place
2007 IFBB World Bodyfitness Championship, 1st place (Pro Card)
2007 IFBB South American Championship, 1st place
2007 Figure Brazilian, 1st place

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