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Amy Almedia


Title: Warrior Trainer

Location: USA

Skills: Weight/Resistance Training, Sport Specific Training, Yoga -Intermediate, Majoring in Holistic Nutrition/ Nutrition and Supplement knowledge

Gym: World Gym Mississauga / Condo Training

Website: Coming Soon!

Certifications: ACE Certified, Sheridan College: Fitness Leadership Certified, World Gym Certified

What inspires you?
What inspired me most to strive in fitness is all of the amazing Trainers and Instructors that have helped me out of some of the weakest moments in my life. They taught me how to transfer the values of determination, commitment, and hard work into all aspects of my life to overall become stronger mentally, physically & spiritually. Everyday I come across women and athletes who are trying to better themselves and I love to help them along that journey. Its important for me to not only help them make fitness fun , but to understand it and take power back into their lives through health and fitness.


Throughout my entire life as a child and teenager, I found no interest in physical activity because I lacked the knowledge of how important it was. I was always Obese growing up and chose very unhealthy ways to lose weight which made me very weak and develop anxiety at an early age. Health complications landed me on bed rest for nearly 4 months and when it came time to build back my strength, It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to endure. At 19 years old I fought for my strength and health back for the sake of my life and my newborn baby girl. I'm happy to be 22 and finally at a healthy balance in my life. 
Everyone will have a different reason as to why they start their fitness journey but it is up to us as trainers to make that experience a fun, attainable, and a life changing beginning to a healthier you. I'm grateful to help people fight for health and become true Warriors!

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