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Tiffany Crystal


Title: DY Warrior Ambassador

Location: Hollywood, CA

Skills: I have been told I have the perfect deadlift form, guess that’s a skill! I am also super creative in the kitchen, and have really good balance.

Gym: ClassPass, so I am all over! Gold’s Gym, Training Mate, Carrie’s Pilates, CorePower Yoga, Cycle House -I love them all!

Certifications: NASM

What inspires you?
Accomplishment. I love that inner feeling I get when I know I have worked hard at whatever I am going after! There is a confidence and passion that gets created from putting your heart into something. For me its seeing my body change and get stronger and healthier. Nothing can beat that.


I was always active growing up, mostly doing dance (ballet, tap, jazz) and then in college played some intramural soccer! I really got into fitness after my freshmen year of college when I gained the freshmen 15! Determined to lose it I developed an intense love of fitness,health and nutrition! From then on I was hooked!

I love learning about the body and how exercise and proper nutrition really affect it. Now not only is fitness my career but it is my complete lifestyle! On Sundays you will always find me in the kitchen meal prepping for the week, I love getting creative!

I began modeling after college just for fun, and then unexpectedly it led to being my full time job! I am naturally competitive, and so I love the challenge of pushing my self to make each shoot better. I work hard for my body so I enjoy being able to show it off ;)

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