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Merideth Murphey


Title: DYN Warrior Ambassador

Location: Denver, Colorado

Skills: Personal training, contest prep, and posing

What inspires you?
First and foremost helping others!! Not just in fitness, but whatever someone might need help with. It just happens I am very knowledgeable in fitness and can be a lot of help! So many people go about their health and fitness goals the wrong way due to lack of knowledge, so I feel it's a responsibility to help others redirect and reach their goals. Also, I love motivating people! It gives me all kinds of warm fuzzies inside when people leave comments or DM me telling me how much I motivate them. We all need it sometimes so we gotta pass it on! And finally, feeling good!! There's nothing better than feeling healthy!


I started lifting when I was 14 with my mentor who was a bodybuilder named Mark Hanlon (RIP). He laid a foundation of fitness in my life and gave me some great guidance. After college, I noticed my body wasn\'t where I liked it - so I changed it. I got a trainer and once he notice my hard work and improvements he suggested I compete. Now I\'m 2x national qualifier and have an overall bikini title! I just moved from Dallas, TX to Denver, CO and am excited to expand my fitness footprint!

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