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Conan Stevens

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Title: DYN Warrior Ambassador & Sponsored Athlete

Location: Los Angeles & Asia

Skills: Acting, but can do my own stunts and am extremely good at fight choreography.


What inspires you?
My long term goals. At 16 I decided I wanted ot be the "Biggest professional wrestler the world had ever seen" and use that to get into acting. After I got massive an was the biggest wrestler in the world I had an auto-immune attack where my body attacked my nervous system and I lost nerves from my back through my chest and all the back of my arm and the outer head of the bicep - this was a consequence of a Hepatitis vaccine and is now listed as a side effect in the package insert. The screwed my pro-wrestling career and it took 16 years to finally be able to get to train again in a useful capacity, so right now is the time for me to get really big again, but this time for my acting career - having a physique like a superhero as well as the acting experience now could combine into a dream job.

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