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Loutfi Ajaoun - Mr. Canada


Title: DYN Warrior Trainer

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Skills: Trilingual (french, english, arab), 20 years of experience. According to my clients : patient, amazing eye, knowledgeable, pleasant, positive, encouraging, always available, honest, passionnate, care about the clients.

Gym: I have my own private gym to train my clients


Certifications: Coach expert

What inspires you?
The smile i see on the face on my clients when they see their progress is what keep me going. I'm honoured to be able to help people to get in their best shape, changing their lives in all aspect : positive, stronger, healthier and so on.


I've started at the age of 20 at the weight of 140 pounds and went as high as 276 lbs. I have won the Canadian Nationals Championship bodybuilding 2010 in superheavy weight, Provincial Quebec 2010 and Muscle Beach 2004. I was always skinny and was drawing a lot as a kid. My inspirations were Hulk, Dragon Ball, Arnold and any super hero with big muscles. 

I've praticied Martials Arts a few years and saw my body changing but not enough. I then the switched to 100% bodybuilding, which definitely changde my physique and my life. Dorian Yates was my most powerful inspiration, especially at the begining of my journey in 1996. He helped me gain confidence, a strong mindset, and to perserve and staying focus on the goal. THANK YOU DORIAN YATES !!!

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