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Jason Pederson


Title: Warrior Ambassador

Location: Calgary Alberta, Canada

Skills: I am personable , approachable , experienced , informative , efficient , proactive , optimistic , knowledgeable, very assertive, able to be tunnel visioned, very motivated and I am able to get other people excited with the truth and positive encouragement for form technique, advancements, improvements. I focus very well for everyone involved.

Gym: I train clients at home or at a local gym of their choice

Certifications: None presently. aside from 25 years of personal experiences with weight training , nutrition and lifestyle.

What inspires you?
Pioneering, innovation to make the most of life, to do things never done before or things that are not realized as of yet . People who have succeeded regardless of their personal situation, people who do not take no for a answer or dwell on naysayers. I believe its all in our minds to succeed or fail .


I have 25 years of personal experience with weight training, nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle.

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