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Rico McClinton


Title: Warrior Trainer

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Skills: Actor, Producer, Trainer

Gym: Golds Gym Venice CA

What inspires you?
I love to share my knowledge to help others who desire to improve in their health and change their life.


I grew up in Los Angeles California. I did a little weight lifting as a kid with my older brother in our house. One day I was in my room watching TV and I saw a bodybuilding competition on.I remember it like yesterday. The Bodybuilder that stood out was Robby Robinson.

I remember that day saying I want to day that.I started working out at 14 years old.I did my first teenage show at 16 years old.I trained at Golds Gym with Flex Wheeler and Chris Cormier. Charles Glass trained us quite a bit. Where our knowledge of training and diets were put to the test in the off season and before competition. 

Protein supplements are large part of a healthy lifestyle. You need to be able to recuperate. Since I switched over to doing film and television I took that knowledge to keep my body in shape. That discipline and knowledge has paid dividends for me. I still share knowledge to help others who desire to improve in there health.

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