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Aliyza Jacobs


Title: Warrior Trainer

Location: Westerly, Rhode Island

Skills: Educating people on proper nutrition and exercise to live a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Inspiring people to change themselves for the better and I have a great deadlift.

Gym: Ocean Community YMCA

Certifications: Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer NASM

What inspires you?
I personally went from 185 lbs at 5'3" to 125 lbs in a year through training and eating proper. I love to see people set goals for themselves and achieve them. There is no better satisfaction then watching someone physically and mentally progress from a state where they were unhappy.


Biographies are for those looking back on life and I always am looking forward, so I will share with you my abridged version. 

I was born somewhere on the West Coast, grew up somewhere else with giant mountains and a big sky, moved to the gorgeous East Coast and then went to two overpriced colleges to learn about boring things like Corporate Law,  Business, and Hotel Restaurant Managment. I tricked my best friend into marrying me roughly 9 years ago and we have two beautiful messy little boys. 

Personal training found me. At one point shortly after my second baby was born someone took a picture of me and when I saw it I finally realized that my weight and health had spiraled out of control. 185 lbs at 5'3 and all I could think was how did I let it get this bad. I made a change with my eating, no crash diets just clean food. and I started at the gym. When I started seeing a difference in my body and mood I wanted to inspire others to do the same. Bodybuilding has now become a personal passion of mine, something I can always keep progressing with.  I am now training 6 days a week for 2 hours a day and loving every minute of it. I have found a spot where I belong and fellow gym members that help motivate me. 

I am excited to work with DY Nutrition and see what the future holds.

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