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Coach Clint and Crystal Greffard


Title: Warrior Trainers

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Skills: Competition Prep Coach / Bodybuilding, Classic Physique Posing Coach / Fitness Lifestyle Coaching / Videographer / Fitness Photographer

Gym: Heavy Metal Gym

Website: and


Physically Cultured.NET is all about living a health filled, physically progressive lifestyle, while putting a spotlight on people who practise this every day. Founded by Clint & Crystal Greffard, with Clint’s 35+ years of experience as an athlete / coach in physical culture, & Crystal’s work as media designer / video & site developer. Together, Clint & Crystal are co-photographers and videographers of the site. 

Coach Clint Greffard (Athlete & Coach)
Clint brings over 35 years of knowledge to his work with clients as a training, nutrition, & posing coach. His experience includes competing as a bodybuilder in the 90's (winning an award for Best Poser), becoming a gym owner, supplement store manager, owner, creating a clothing company, and training hundreds of clients. He has had successful transformations with Men's Physique athletes and fitness models, showcasing these results on PhysicallyCultured's Facebook Page. Clint believes in health, longevity, and practicing what you teach. He continues to develop and maintain an impressive physique over the age of 50! 

Crystal Greffard (Athlete/Model/Multimedia Designer)
Interested in nutrition & overall health since she was a kid, Crystal only began living as an athlete when she started working with Clint in 2012.  She co-designs, creates, & edits the site content, and is a student of the CSNA Sports Nutrition Program | Cory Holly Institute.

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