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Nancy Singh


Title: Affiliate Manager

Location: Stockton, CA

Skills: Weight Training/Plyometric, Bollywood Dancing, Makeup and Hair Artist, Nutrition/Supplementation Knowledgeable

Gym: Crunch Fitness/House Calls

Website: Coming Soon

Certifications: NASM/CPR Certified Crunch University Certified

What inspires you?
When I first got into personal training I knew that I wanted to build a trustworthy and genuine relationship with my clients. I have such a big heart and being able to help other change their lives with fitness and seeing the results brings so much joy into my life. My clients inspire me to continue to help them grow in fitness and health. They inspire me to help bring the best out of them at each session, and keep motivating them because I know once you set your mind to something you can accomplish anything!


Growing up wasn't easy for me. Going through a lot at a young age and trying to find out what my purpose was in life was something I always dreaded. I was never handed anything or even involved in any type of physical activity nor did I have a healthy lifestyle.

It wasn't until I graduated high school I knew I needed to find that purpose and strive in my life I needed that challenge that made me want to conquer the world. And that happend the very first moment I walked into Golds Gym in Stockton, CA. It was the most amazing feeling in the world being surrounded by so many motivation and inspiring people the gym was my calling fitness was my purpose in life!

I started studying fitness, nutrition, and supplements I became and personal trainer and loved the excitement I got from clients and even myself. I got introduced into the fitness industry at a young age (18) I'm 22 years old now and after 4 years of training I've learned so much not only about the industry but about myself.

Fitness teaches you so much each and everyday and being able to share that with clients, your family, and friends is incredible. I've received the opportunity to work closely with DY Nutrition as a DY Warrior Ambassador/Trainer Manager and I couldn't be more proud! Falling in love with the fitness industry has just made this opportunity such an amazing experience, I hope to grow and bring all the success I can to the company. I thank the man above for guiding me to my purpose in life and my pathway, fitness. 

1. You have to find the inner strength within your self that’s crying out to tell you that you are strong, you can do this, and you will conquer anything that comes your way.

2. Tempro is the best protein I’ve ever tried it’s absolutely perfect for lean muscle gain, fat loss, and recipes! You can make protein pancakes, protein muffins, shakes, and even protein ice cream! The 7 protein blend has the perfect consistency for quick absorption and cooking.

3. Blackbombs give me a type of focus in the gym that I’ve never felt before, it opens up my lungs which is essential to breath properly when lifting, I feel like superwomen anytime I take this! No crash, no jitters, and no overly caffeinated feeling just clean sustainable energy throughout your whole workout and even after.

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Green Apple DYNAMINO - Great for optimum recovery and endurance especially while working out. The B vitamins and electrolytes keep me going through a hard session.

Strawberry TEMPRO Protein Powder - Extremely fast absorbed protein right after a workout. Taste completely fresh with the 7 cold processed protein blend as well as good with making protein pancakes.