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Hayden Vanderburgh


Title: DY HIT Warrior Trainer

Location: Toronto, Ontario Canada

Skills: Powerlifter, Trainer

Gym: Industry Fitness, Canada


Hayden Vanderburgh is a former football player who took his love for weight lifting and turned it into a career. Hayden has been involved in the fitness industry for 7 years and has 7 certifications now including his favorite as a DYHIT Master Trainer. During his years in the fitness industry Hayden has helped open gyms all over Canada developing  successful sales strategies and training many personal trainers how to run a business. Hayden has sold millions in personal training over the years and now operates his own personal training system looking after many trainers at world gym Mississauga. He has also branched out and started an online training platform Hayden is so proud to represent Dorian Yates HIT and looks forward to helping future DYHIT certification holders get certified and become successful trainers.

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