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Donald Kim


Title: Warrior Trainer

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Skills: My Total Fitness Academy specializes in Mobile Personal Training, Online Training, Workout Plans, Meals Plans, and Macro Tracking (IIFYM). We are transformation experts and results driven trainers.

Gym: Mobile Personal Training, and Online Training.


Certifications: CanFitPro Personal Training Specialist, CanFitPro Healthy Eating & Weight Loss (HWL) Coach, IAPC Bodybuilding and Contest Preparation, Personal Trainer Specialist, Sports Nutrition Specialist, Master Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach

What inspires you?
In addition to being a Men's Physique Competitor, I am the CEO/Founder of My Total Fitness Academy. From the skinnier person who's given up all hope in trying to build muscle to the overweight person that wants to get back into shape, I'm dedicated to helping others transform their lives to become fitter, healthier, and more confidence in their bodies. Also, over the years, I've worked with a number of well-respected fitness gurus, from Lee Hayward (natural bodybuilder), Eric Helms from 3DMJ (pro status natural bodybuilders), John Hollywood Coach (aka "The Pro Maker"), and Yaletown Fitness. My Total Fitness Academy is dedicated to helping others transform their lives in becoming fitter, healthier, and more confident in their bodies.


I'd watched many of Arnold Schwarzenegger's movies growing up, I always wanted to put on muscle and size. I was considered what the fitness industry called a hard gainer, a skinny ectomorph with a super fast metabolism, where no matter how much food I consumed, I just couldn't gain weight. As I got older (and metabolism slowed down), I gained the bad weight (a beer gut and a nice double chin). So my fitness journey began about 8 years ago for the sole purpose of getting back into shape and putting on muscle!

What did your fitness journey look like?
In 2008: Tired of my hard gainer skinny days, and then to beer gut, I was determined to go from skinny to huge, and so began my dirty bulking phase, where I went from 125 lbs to 215 lbs.

In 2010: I did my first cutting phase. Although I lost most of the fat, I unfortunately lost a lot of muscle in the process. The plus side I knew that I had the potential to put on some serious muscle, by training smart.

In 2011: Experienced and armed with more knowledge of how to diet more intelligently, I went on my second cutting phase, after a few months of bulking. This time around, I was lean with more muscle mass.

Fast forward a few years and after doing several more bulking/cutting phases, I entered into my first contest prep cutting phase. I started my contest prep at 192 lbs. I competed at 143 lbs. What can I say, those that compete are the best dieters in the world!

My Fitness Transformation Journey was featured in Status Fitness Magazine (Online), and had a huge social media buzz!

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