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Eric Tesi


Title: Warrior Trainer

Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Skills: Fat loss and conditioning, hypertrophy training, mobility & rehab/prehab

Gym: World Gym, Mississauga

Certifications: Canadian Fitness Professional Certified Personal Trainer, In progress: NASM CPT & CSEP CES

What inspires you?
I am inspired to be a personal trainer because of the human potential. We all can achieve great things and become stronger, healthier, faster, better with each day that passes. Seeing clients push harder and get excited about applying more effort and dedication to their overall health pushes me want to continue to learn more to provide the best service possible.


I have been training consistently for 7 years now. Once i started, i was hooked. Learning and applying different practices and techniques to build an aesthetically pleasent, strong and mobile, healthy, and fit phyqisue interests me immensely. Being a great trainer and learning what it takes to help others and myself become better is where my passion lies.

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