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Joe Sorrento


Title: DY HIT Warrior Trainer

Location: South Florida, USA

Skills: Certified PT and Group PT. Unconventional Training, Sports Nutrition and Corrective Exercise.

Gym: Orangtheory Fitness(FL), Flex Appeal Miami(FL), 24 Hour Fitness(FL), Fitness Factory(NY)

Website: Coming soon

Certifications: Certified PT and Group PT

What inspires you?
Fitness is one of the most important but often times most neglected necessity to all humans. Not only do I have a passion for the Fitness Industry and Bodybuilding, but I also have a passion to help people become the best “THEM” that they can be. I love to watch the progression of the people that I train and the satisfaction they get when they accomplish their fitness goal. Being a trainer is not a “job”…It’s a lifestyle, an obsession, and I look forward to it every day!


Joe was introduced to weight training and over all fitness at the age of 11 years old at the local youth center.  Although he began playing sports much younger, when introduced to the iron, he was hooked. With an older brother that both powerlifted and trained for physique competitions, he was surrounded by the fitness lifestyle.  Joe has worked in the fitness industry in many capacities since the early 1990s all over the U.S.His passion to help others accomplish their goal still grows and grows on a daily basis.  He has trained all ages, sizes and walks of life.  Thru personal, group and specialized training, he has helped teenagers, stay at home moms, athletes, politicians and TV personalities accomplish their fitness goals!  Joe’s goal is to help his clients be the best that they can be by making the fitness lifestyle challenging, rewarding and fun!

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