The building has contained a gym of some sort under numerous different managers since the early Sixties, and it seems to have a special atmosphere conducive to super-intense training.

Perhaps it is the sweat and effort of over 30 years of workouts ingrained in the brickwork, or the dungeon feeling of being underground and isolated from the rest of the World.

I took over management of the gym in May 1987, and since then I have kitted it out with equipment, hand-picked by myself for my assault on the world of Pro-Bodybuilding. Temple attracts all kinds of people from complete beginners to the UK’s top pro Ernie Taylor.

We all have one thing in common and that is we take our training seriously. If you do too then I definitely recommend a trip to Temple!

I have numerous pieces of Hammer Strength equipment, various machines imported from the US and of course tons of free weights with dumbbells up to 220lbs.

Bodybuilders on vacation in the UK have definitely put Temple Gym on top of their list of places to visit, and we regularly pay host to visitors from across the globe who drop in for a workout or just to say hello and get a snap shot.

Whatever the reason, the fact is that Temple Gym is probably the best gym in the UK for a HARDCORE WORKOUT ... Don’t take my word for it, come down yourself and have a session!

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