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DYN is seeking qualified trainers with an entrepreneurial spirit and hardcore work ethic to join the DYN WARRIOR TEAM of Trainers. We are looking for the very best of the best throughout the United States to send in their applications to join our elite team and be an official DYN Sponsored Affiliate Trainer.

How the DYN WARRIOR TEAM Trainer Affiliate Program Works!

  • All approved Trainers will receive an ongoing 25% Deep Discount off of all DYN products through our website posted pricing. There is no contract to sign and no obligation. Your membership is absolutely FREE.
  • Trainers can easily earn $1,000 or more per month by signing on to be an affiliate.
  • Approved Trainers will be assigned a unique ID # that can be given out to each of your clients. When your clients purchase any items from the DYN website they will also receive a 25% discount off their purchase with the use of your unique DYN ID#. Each purchase is then tracked under your official number. By the 15th of the following month DYN will send you a commission check via PayPal for 10% of your accumulated gross sales. But to receive your 10% commission credited to your DYN ID#, your account must log $99 or more sales for each month. The sales could be your own purchases or your clients.But they must reach $99 to receive the 10% commission.
  • After your application is approved you will receive a FREE DYN T-shirt to wear proudly at your gym or training grounds. Many of our trainers are part of a fitness lifestyle beyond bodybuilding which includes Cross Fit, Pilates, Freestyle Bar Training, Calisthenics, Kettle Bells, Hikers, Mountain Climbers, etc. 
  • We will also send you a DYN shaker cup to mix your DYN TEMPRO or FORMASS muscle building proteins or perhaps our powerful NOX PUMP Pre-Training Formula.
  • We will also send you samples packs of one of our most popular products, NOX PUMP , along with your T-shirt and shaker.
  • Bonus Points! DYN will review your order total each month and send out FREE product. More info to come!


If you are as excited as we are and want to work with the best sports nutritional products in the world and represent one of bodybuilding’s greatest warriors and 6 time Mr. Olympia champion Dorian Yates, then we invite you to APPLY NOW!


Please complete this form and one of our team will get back to you.

PLEASE READ: Your acceptance into the Dorian Yates Trainer Affiliate program is not guaranteed by filling out this application. Our PT Program Operations Manager will also conduct a phone or in person interview with you to see if you qualify. We carefully consider every application submitted to the Dorian Yates Trainer Affiliate program. Applications can be rejected for the following reasons: (1) incomplete or false information, (2) invalid business or personal Tax ID# (3) unacceptable personal or website content, including promotion of activities considered illegal in the United States, and (4) an inability to verify contact phone number(s) and e-mail(s). We ask you to please take your time and fill out this application very carefully. We will not tolerate any fraudulent claims or activities in relation to the Dorian Yates Trainer Affiliate program or Dorian Yates Sports Nutrition LTD. If any fraudulent information is discovered it will result in immediate account suspension and reversal of any commissions that have accrued. If you have any questions please contact us.